Friday, December 11, 2009

Taco San Miguel

So who knows what is ironic about the picture below?

That's right!  This place isn't open at all.  The Taco San Miguel on North Claiborne closed a few months ago which means two things.  One, I've run out of material so I've gone back to old pictures I never posted on... and two, the good people of Taco San Miguel are looking to open a new location.

Now Taco San Miguel turns out the most authentic tacos that I know about.  That's probably doesn't mean a whole lot coming from a guy that grew up in Georgia but I am half Mexican so it probably means more coming from me than it would someone like you...

Enough about how authentic I am though.  After this location closed I started going to the one in Metairie on 20th.  Last time we went, one of the owners was saying they didn't renew the lease on Claiborne because there was some concern about the safety of the location.  So now they are looking to open up a location in the (relative) safety of Uptown.

It will be nice to have something Uptown that isn't Felipe's.  The nice thing about San Miguel is it's simple and cheap.  This plate of food below will run you about $6.50.  Looks like I got the pastor, barbacoa, and the asada.  I actually have no idea what I got.  Made that all up.  Looks like I got double rice though... pretty genius move.

I for one am looking forward to good tacos that don't require me jumping on I-10.

**Keep an eye out for my series on cheap lunch spots in the city starting on Monday.  I'll be looking at places to get a good lunch under $10.  If you have any suggestions on places that fit the bill post a comment or shoot me an mail at


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Sarita's Grill on Freret?

Justin said...

No I haven't. To be honest I don't spend too much time down on that part of Freret. I'll add it to the list though. I'm always looking for new Mexican places. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Quite a while back, TSM's proprietors were scouting a location on Oak Street. Here's hoping that it comes true this time; I'd probably go to it twice a week!

Anonymous said...

Taco San Miguel has been open for about a year, in Metairie at 20th and Severn!

While you're on Freret Street and looking for inexpensive eats, hit Freret Street Po-boys and donuts. Great plate lunches and fried chicken!

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