Monday, January 11, 2010

Doors Pub

So, in general, haven't the pictures on this blog been a lot better?  Yeah not today though, so prepare yourself for that.

I had a buddy come down the day of the BCS Championship.  Thinking I would show him New Orleans has some great bars to watch football at I took him to Mid City Bulldog... packed.  So I figured Bruno's wasn't the worst option in the world... also packed.  So we ended up at Doors Pub across the street from Brunos.

I'm pretty sure this location has been three different establishments in the 19 months I have lived here.  Probably not a good sign for Doors Pub but hopefully they make it. Besides having the most bizarre theme I have ever heard of (... doors), it's not a bad place to watch a game and have some beers.  Its clean and comfortable with pretty good TVs and a decent selection on tap, including Andygator.  On Thursday during the game at least, they had 2 for 1 drafts which worked out to $2 beers.

So those are the good things.  The food wasn't great- though in all fairness they have pizza that we didn't try.  What we did try was the below pictured burger.

I think it was called the Big 'n' Hot but it might have be the Big 'n' Spicy.  Either way you get the idea.  It's half beef and half hot sausage.  Now normally I wouldn't get something like that but is said right on the menu it was Voted Best Burger in 2007.  Looking back that seems weird since this place opened up about 2 or 3 months ago so maybe some alarms should have gone off.  My friend said he could have gone with 75% beef and 25% hot sausage... I think I could have gone with 100% beef.  it came with some broken corn chips though so, that's something at least.

That being said It was a good place to watch a game.  Good beer at cheap prices and I'm sure the pizza is okay, we saw a lot of people ordering it.  So if you are ever trying to watch something at Bruno's and it's a little too crowded, head on over to Doors Pub.  It would be nice if they had a little longer tenure than their predecessors.


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