Thursday, January 21, 2010

LaCote Brasserie

So LaCote was pretty packed after the second game last Saturday night.  We headed over from Lucy's and I don't think we were the only ones.  I think it says something about a city when their football fans are just as comfortable at LaCote as they are at Lucy's.

Now, it was pretty late by the time we rolled in and ordered our two post game snacks... and I'll be honest and admit I don't remember ever detail of the trip to LaCote - but one thing I for sure don't remember was being incredibly wowed by the food.

Kerry got the Crabcake.  It was a pretty standard fried crabcake I guess.  It came over some sweet poatoes and corn covered in a cream sauce.  At the time it didn't see all that weird to me (very few things probably would have) but looking back on it now it seems like a bizarre combination.

I had the Alligator Croquettes.  It's not something I would normally order- looking back I wonder why I did actually.  They were covered in a sauce that was about 20 degrees too spicy in my opinion.

So not a great late night snack... I think we probably would have been happier with Lucy's version of Mexican food... but it was an interesting experience and a welcome haven from the crowds.


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