Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So where did you spend the game?  Wherever you were I'm sure it was great and exciting... but did you get free shots and Champagne?

There is a new place that just opened up in the CBD called the Precinct.  It's a bar/wing place that also calls itself a lounge.  Now I'm not sure all those things go together but they have a about 8 TV's, a projector and a clientele that hasn't quite grown to the point of a crowd yet so it is the kind of place I like to watch a football game.

Its in an old firehouse down on Annunciation.  They were serving 2 for 1 beers up until kickoff which meant 2 Bud Lites for $2.50.  They also gave out shots of something green when the Saints scored.  I think its worth trying out next week if your looking for a place to enjoy the game with friends but not trying to stand in a crowd for 4 hours.

They have food too.  Kerry got this Veggie Pizza.  She said that it tasted much better than it looks in this picture so I guess that some something good about there food and something bad about my photography skillz.  I actually had a bite too and shes right.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

I went a less healthy route and went with Cheese and Bacon Fries with Ranch.  I dont regreat it.  They were as good as they look.

So try it out this weekend if you want... but if you want to wait until next season I'm okay with that too.  Every bar I like in New Orleans is destined to either close down or get too crowded for my liking.  So I'm going to enjoy it while I can.


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