Monday, January 4, 2010

Lebanon's Cafe

I'm not big on Middle Eastern food.  It's just not my thing.  I don't hate it or anything but there is almost always something else I'd rather be eating.  Because of that, it took me a long time to get to Lebanon's despite hearing nothing but good things about the place, including that they have no corkage fee.

Last night, being hungry at 9:15pm was enough o break my non-Lebanon's streak.  Kerry and I went and had a pretty good meal.

We started with the hummus.  I don't know- it was pretty standard hummus.  I'm not sure I even know how to pick a good hummus from a bad hummus.  I'm pretty sure this one wasn't a bad one though.  What was for sure good, was the pita that came with it.  There is a lot to be said about a place that serves you warm fresh pita at 9:15 on a Sunday night.


Kerry had the spinach salad.  The only real complaint about on the night was that it came out pretty different than was described on the menu.  The dressing was a tomato based one and not the advertised vinaigrette and she got pecans instead of pine nuts.  Those are two pretty big discrepancies in my book but she was pretty positive about it.

I had the chicken kabob sandwich.  As you can see i tore a little hole in the pita so you could see the goodness inside.  It was much better than most kabob sandwiches I have had at other New Orleans Middle Eastern establishments.  The chicken was marinated well and there were some pretty tasty onions in there and I like tasty onions in things, so that was pretty good.  Plus it was quite large taking into account the $5.50 price tag.

So yeah, Lebanon's is pretty good.  Like I said, I'm not big on Middle Eastern fare but it is definitely the place I would recommend if someone asked me about Middle Eastern food.  And the