Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Felipe's Taqueria

I know plenty of people that think Felipe's is pretty good.  I'm not sure that I'm in that camp, but it for sure could be a lot worse.  As far as the whole "we make your Mex-American food while you watch" thing goes, I'd say its of pretty standard quality.  One thing that they are really good at is being about 400 meters from my house, so I end up there every six weeks for so.

I think they must be making a killing.  If lines of people at 3pm and being able to open up a location in the Quarter is any indication, their "quick and cheap" business model is working pretty well for them.

As far as the food goes you pretty much get the same mess of food you get at any of these types of places.  I paid somewhere around $7 for what you see below.  Under all those accompaniments are three carnitas flautas.  I got the chips, queso and drink with it as well.  I could have just as well gotten the tacos or anything else and it would pretty much be the same thing.  That's the genius of these places.

So Felipe's is what you expect it to be and in some cases probably what you want.  Now I think there are better options out there.  I like Sarita's and Tacos San Miguel and Juan's better but those are farther away for me at least, and not as fast.  So for cheap Mexican(ish) food its not a bad option but chances are you already know of a better one.


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