Thursday, January 28, 2010

Squeal BBQ

Hey so this blog is over a year old now.  A year and four days to be exact.  That's kinda a long time in foodblog years I think.  Though I don't really know.  Maybe there will be a Eating In NOLA year in retrospect post on Monday.

Today though you get a iPhone picture of food from Squeal.

We went the other night after a 504ward event.  It's in Kerry's 'hood so we had been wanting to try it out for a while.

Prognosis?  Eh.  It was okay.  But I have a feeling we ordered poorly.  There were lots of things on the menu that looked promising including an array of salads but I feel like if I'm going to a BBQ place for the first time I have to get the pork sandwich.

Now I immediately take issue with places that don't at least offer coleslaw on the sandwich.  I had to forgo the fries to get coleslaw to put on myself.  Also its on a roll rather than a bun.  I don't know, that's okay I guess, but for some reason it seems like a messier way to eat it.

That all being said they had a real good looking late night weekend menu.  Better than just good- like gourmet.  So it would be a perfect post Maple Leaf spot on the weekend.  So I wasn't terribly impressed but I think I could have been had I ordered something else.  For example Kerry got some cheese grits that I thought were delicious.

I'll be going back though and when I do I'll let you know how much better it was.


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