Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TJ Gourmet Hot Dog


 So I like the the Arts Market at Palmer Park.  The only real problem is I don't really have $100 to blow on art the last Saturday of every month.  The one thing that I can afford there though is a hot dogs from TJ Gourmet.

No joke I was walking to the market thinking that I could really go for a good hot dog.  Man was I in luck.  Look at this thing.

Hot dog with chili, cheese, red onion, white onion and a mustard sauce.  Best hot dog I have had in a long time.  A very long time.  I'm pretty sure TJ Gourmet is a catering place but I can't find a website or anything.  I have literally no reason to ever need a caterer but this thing makes me wish I could come up with reason.

So stop by the Arts Market and snag a hot dog... I guess grab some art too if you can foot the price tag.


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