Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Somethin' Else Cafe

Have we all recovered yet? With so much Super Bowling and parading its been hard to stay up to date here. So I apologize for that but I have some good posts coming up for you. The first is Somethin' Else Cafe on Exchange Place in the Quarter. Now Somethin' Else Cafe has to share its street with Pelican Club and Green Goddess so it kinda makes it the quirky sibling on Exchange Place but it has some pretty good food.

It's the kind of place that serves its sandwiches and burgers with a bag of Zapp's chips, so it seems like a good place to eat pre-Super Bowl. It was crazy inside as you might expect but we managed to grab a table outside and it was just warm enough for that to be a reasonable decision.

Kerry had the burger. It might look like a standard burger but it was the bun that set it apart. It kinda tasted like one of those Hawaiian rolls, but you know, about 4 times bigger. In the 20 feet I walked from the bar to the table I had 2 different people stop me and tell me how good it looked. And it was good. I know because I stole a bite.

And I had the cochon de lait sandwich on the same sort of bun. I think I have said before that I'll pretty much like any sandwich with coleslaw on it. So this one fit the bill for a positive review. The only thing awkward about it is that someone asked if they could film us for an in-house commercial, so I was trying to eat this messy sandwich without looking like some sort of barbarian. If you catch the commercial, let me know.

OK that's it. More posts to come on what we ate Super Bowl week.


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