Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bourbon House

So we watched the big game at Bourbon House. Somehow we managed to snag two seats at the bar (for free, although one woman did try to sell us her seat). I'm not really sure how that happened but it worked out well.

What's nice about watching the game at a place like Bourbon House is great bar food. Well, that and Andygator on tap. Oh and the free pour of bourbon since I am a NOBS member. But back to the food.

We just got three appetizers to hold us over until after game time:

The Red Bean Hummus

It was interesting and not quite what I expected but definitely tasty. Plus it came with some tomato and cucumber so it was fresh and light which isn't normally the case I find with hummus.

We also had the Corn and Crab soup and the Caesar Salad.

Unlike the Hummus, the soup was exactly what I expected. Sweet and corny and crabby and warm. A little garnish would be nice on it, though. At least for picture taking purposes.

The Caesar Salad was actually a little surprising. It was a good standard Caesar but with sweet croutons. I'm pretty sure the light ones were cornbread croutons and I'm not sure about the dark ones but they were sweet as well. It was a pleasant surprise.

Bourbon House was a successful place to watch the game. Good food and drink and high energy. Plus being just a revolving door away from Bourbon Street after a Super Bowl win was a nice plus.


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