Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pepperoni's Cafe

So Pepperoni's isn't great.  Sometimes I feel bad saying things like that.  I worry that the owners will find this post and it will ruin their day.  I especially feel bad about it when I have no problem with the people there.  Sometimes people do something that make me have no problem if they know if I didn't enjoy my meal.  For example, St. James Cheese Company stole $15 from me.  But Pepperoni's has nice people just not great food.

We started with the garlic cheese bread.

I like bread, cheese, and garlic so much.  What I'm not crazy about is sesame seeds and the bottom if this garlic cheese bread was laden with them.  I couldn't figure out why bread with sesame seeds would even be in an Italian place.  I was hungry though so I ate 4 peices.

Kerry had a shrimp wrap.  


I didn't eat any of it so I don't know what it was like but what I can tell you is she only ate half of it. It came with  Sun Chips.  Sun Chips!

Alright and I had a calzone.

My calzone had no ricotta in it.  I'm not sure if calzones have to have ricotta in them but I like mine with ricotta.  I got it with olives, spinach, and Italian sausage.  I don't know it just wasn't great.  I ate it anyway but it wasn't great.

I think there is a place for not great cheap little places.  I'll be honest, sometimes I just don't care if the food is great as long as I don't have to pay much.  But when it was all said and done the bill came out to $39 (inc. tip).  That's way too much for a sub par meal.  I don't care how hungry I am.  And I was so hungry.


Anonymous said...

Can I give you 15 dollars to stop reading about how you feel St James stole from you? Otherwise, great post.

Anonymous said...

You just sound like a cheap hungry person who could do something better with his time.
You need to travel a little more, and just the New Orleans area does not count.
Stop trashing places and try to do something constructive. I would like to see you own a restaurant, face the challenges that small bussiness face, and then run into a jerk like you who has nothing good to say.

Anonymous said...

The food is awesome. I would recommend it. The service is excellent. I tried the Seafood pasta, it was really good. It tasted fresh.

Anonymous said...

I love the place. Service is good, and food too. You should give them another chance.

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