Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panchita's Mexican Criolla

After a few months of teasing, Panchita's on Carrollton has finally opened up. I'm always all about new Mexican places so we went for lunch a few days ago.

It was an okay Mexican lunch. Kerry went for the Tamal de Barbacoa, which was definitely the highlight of the meal.

The meat was fall-apart good and was served with tortillas, rice and beans. We were a little surprised when it wasn't a traditional tamale in a corn husk, but I think something got lost in translation. It was good either way. It looks like Kerry had a Corona Light with it, because we live the type of lives where a beer at lunch is appropriate.

I had the chilaquiles. I was less impressed, though in all fairness there is a chance that the chilaquiles I am used to are completely unauthentic and Americanized since they came from a place in the suburbs of Atlanta. For all I know these were completely authentic chilaquiles... they were just a little too red sauce and not quite enough cheese and sour cream for me. But if you have a more sophisticated Mexican food palate than me I bet you would enjoy them.

So I would try it again for sure, maybe take a stab at one of the burritos or some tacos. You should give it a try too.


Kate said...

That's funny, because the reason I dream about eating at this place every night is because of those damned chilaquiles!! They were so delicious and comforting and yum with that perfect sunny side up egg! I actually ended up making chilaquiles at home the next day because I couldn't stop thinking about it!

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