Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cafe Degas

So Cafe Degas is pretty chill.  Not cold chill but chill in the way super laid back people say chill.  It was my first trip to Cafe Degas for food.  It helped that we scored a sweet $25 gift certificate for $3.

Over all is was a great experience.  Pretty good food, nice atmosphere, plus I always like eating in Mid-City and pretending that I belong in that oh so trendy Mid-City crowd.

Now even with the gift certificate we tried to do the meal on the cheap.  We shared a cheese plate and didn't spring for dessert but I'm okay with that.  The cheese plate was pretty good.

It came with one hard and one soft cheese.  I'm not sure what the cheeses were because the waiter didn't tell us.  I'm pretty sure you are looking at a brie and a cheddar though.

Kerry had the steak.  It was pretty good.  Surprisingly the best thing on both of our plates was the broccoli.  I cant really explain why.  It was cooked in something delicious though.  Thats not to say the steak wasn;t good as well.  It was.  and pommes frites are awesome anywhere.

So here is the problem with low lighting restaurants.  This is a pretty miserable looking plate but it looked fine when it came.  I had the veal.  It had a Parmesan crust and was pan fried and a fantastic sauce.  I was happy with my selection but Kerry's steak looked great as well.

So it was a great meal but two small complaints.  The service was worse than lack luster.  Besides not explaining the cheese, it was slow and the wait staff was rude.  And this was a Wednesday night.  There wasn't a crowd, it's not like people were just rushing.

And like I said we didn't order dessert but looking at the list and seeing a few that came out, I was unimpressed.  I feel like for a french restaurant dessert can be done very very well.  It can be what makes the place stick out from the crowd.  The desserts at Cafe Degas didn't really do it.

Again though.  It was a good meal.  It won't be the last time we go by any means.


Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Based on the rind on the hard cheese it could be Manchego. As for the photos they are excellent for those conditions.

Anonymous said...

Where is Cafe Degas located??

Justin said...

3127 Esplanade

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