Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Louisiana Cookery Pictures

So the Louisiana Cookery event was a huge success and a great time was had by all.  I heard through the grape vine over $50,000 was raised for some great causes.

Rather than a huge recap of the event I'm just going to post some pictures with captions.  Mostly because thats must easier and I have a bunch of them.  So... Here we go...

First up the offering from Donald Link and the Herbsaint/Cochon crew.

A look at the Stella! table.

Scott Boswell's Asian Chili prawns. 

Mat Murphey's  M Bistro Crew.Selection from Mat Murphey and Susan Spicer - Rabbit Confit Cake with a Fried Quail Egg on Rabbit Andouille and Kashkaval Brioche with Tabasco Hand Ground Mustard Sauce 

Louisiana Caviar 

A few good looking fish. 

Something with Alligator from Tory McPhail from Commander's 

Best thing of the day.  From Brigtsen's - Blackened Tuna with Smoked Corn Sauce, Red Bean Salsa, Roasted Red Pepper Sour Cream & Maras Farm Sprouts

Tabasco was on hand explaining how they make... Tabasco. 

The crab taco from the Pelican Club was suprisingly very very good. 

Here is the deep-fried chocolate bacon cupcake from Tariq Hanna 

Oh... Don't believe me?  Take that sucka. 

Chef Garcia's Louisiana Goat Cheese & Sweet Potato Bunuelos

5 Fifty 5's pulled pork sandwich.

Red Beans and Rice from the Dickie Brennan Group 

Some of the best chefs in the world... just hanging out.

John Besh's Bruschette with Warm Crawfish Salad Dipped into Crawfish Bisque

Some awesome bread from the General Store.

And last but not least Frenchy painting the event.  A painting that went for $5,300 I might add.

So... All in all it was an awesome event.  To bad it doesn't happen every year here in New Orleans... but then again why shouldn't it?


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