Monday, March 22, 2010


So I had a Cafe Degas post all ready to go for today but it turns out that we were scooped!  So I'll give you a few days to forget about this Cafe Degas post and post mine later in the week.

That brings us to Catch.

According to some biblical scholars I know we are in the middle of the Lenten season.  Now because I have years and years of CCD experience I know that Lent somehow has something to do with eating fish.  So a few Fridays ago we ended up at Catch.  Catch is new and they serve seafood.  They are in the old Semolina location.  Man I miss Semolina.

Now as I have been telling anyone who asks about Catch... I think its really hard to run a seafood restaurant.  So much is dependent on whats fresh and I think its probably tougher to time things since cooking seafood can be a little more attention intensive.

You know what probably isn't hard to make though?  A fish sandwich ($12) and fish and chips ($15!).

My fish sandwich wasn't awful but it wasn't worth $12 either.  It was just really unimpressive.  To be honest I think this picture probably sums up anything I could write about it.

Actually I just took a look at the picture and it doesn't look that bad.  I guess it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either and after tax and tip you have to imagine I payed close to $16 for it.

Kerry went with the fish and chips which looked awesome on the menu.  It came with sweet potato fries instead of the standard non-sweet potato fries.  She seemed to like that.  What she didn't like was the super overcooked fish.  It was completely dried out.  For $15 you expect something at least appetizing.  It looks pretty good in the picture but I'm telling you... nothing special.

So Lent or otherwise I wouldn't suggest Catch, that being said they are still pretty new so maybe they will get their act together.


Christy said...

Catch is owned by the same people as Byblos so I wouldn't get your hopes up. I know Byblos is popular but I've had too many bad experiences there involving undercooked chicken and abysmal service to ever go back.

Justin said...

Well that is disappointing... but I agree with your assessment of Byblos too. I am a little worried about the new seafood place the people from Superior Grill are opening up for some of the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

There is a Semolina in Metairie that's still open....and the Byblos on Metairie Road is solid (the one uptown is spotty)...just sayin'

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