Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chefs for Louisiana Cookery

So full disclosure I have been doing some work for the James Beard Event that is this Sunday.  But the way I see it-  that is even more reason to believe me when I tell you it'd going to be incredible.
So the event is called Chefs for Louisiana Cookery.  Turns out the James Beard Foundation will be announcing its 2010 nominees in New Orleans this year.  So what better way to get excited for it than getting some incredible food from every incredible chef in our fair city the day before.

The whole event is about Louisiana ingredients and chefs.  Let me list off some names for you.  John Besh, Susan Spicer, Donald Link, Scott Boswell, Frank Brigtsen, Adolfo Garcia, Darin Nesbit, Tariq Hanna.  And that's just the half of it.  Find a fill list here.

The event is this Sunday from 3-7 at Kingsley House.  In addition to awesome food, there will also be music from John Papa Gros and Alex McMurry, a silent auction with a ton of awesome items (including a painting by Frenchy of the event) and a General Store where you can stock up on cookbooks and other wares from all your favorite New Orleans chefs.

Tickets are $100 or $150 for VIP (which includes extra face time with the chefs, champagne, and special hor d'oeuvres).A little pricey for you?  I get it, but look at it this way - how much would it cost you to eat a meal at Herbsaint, August, Stella, and Bayona... now add Brigtsen's, La Boca, Commander's and about 15 other restaurants.  You get the point. 

So I'll see you there?  Awesome.  Looking forward to it.


Patricia Andrus CLTC said...

Sounds like a great way to get your taste buds wet!

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