Monday, March 15, 2010

Il Posto

Have you been to this place?  No.  I'm serious?  Have you.  Then you're missing out.

Il Posto is fantastic.  I wish I lived closer but to be honest, if I lived next door to this Italian cafe it woudn't be close though.

This is a cool place down on Dryades Street.  They serve salads and pininis but these are not your run of the mill pressed sandwiches.  The ingredients are fresh and and of an extremely high quality.  And more reasonably priced than many places serving similar fare.

We both had the Classic Proscuitto.  Thin procuitto, thick, salty mozzarella, and pesto on warm crispy ciabatta.  This is my new favorite spot to get a sandwich.  Great food and a comfortable place to spend a little time.

Plus they gave us a few hints on the ganache that went on our bacon creme cupcakes we served at Hogs for the Cause.

I will be back soon.  Very soon- and it won't be soon enough.

Il Posto
4607 Dryades Street
New Orleans, LA


Kris Hoplin said...

Do you know about their happy hour? At least last year, they had free appetizers during happy hour--and the appetizers were enough you could make a meal out of it!

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