Thursday, December 9, 2010

Riccobono's Panola Street Cafe

You thought we disappeared again, didn't you?


KM moved last week and there just wasn't enough time to cook. There. Is. Never. Enough. Time. (Is that joke old yet? I hope so.)

Riccobono's is in Kerry's new 'hood so we thought we would check it out for Saturday breakfast. Some people say good things about Riccobono's. We don't, necessarily.

It's not that it's terrible... it's just not really good. Everything we had tasted like the sum of its ingredients... nothing more, nothing less. Kerry said the coffee was good, though, if you're into that sort of thing.

Here is the food stuffs -

Kerry had the Eggs Benedict. It looked like this and I can't tell you what it tasted like, because I don't eat things with Hollandaise Sauce, because it give me nightmares. Especially with those two beady olive eyes.

I had the burrito special. Here is a funny story about burritos. One time when my sister was a teenager, she babysat a kid whose father had told him that Mexican people only ate burritos. Three burritos a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a stereotype, huh?

Well, my breakfast burrito had eggs in it, and peppers and cheese and probably onions and tomatoes I would guess... and it was vastly inferior to the one I had at Huevos a few weeks back. It wasn't as good as my lunch or dinner burrito that day either.

So there you go. Some pictures of food and a story about racist children!


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