Monday, November 29, 2010


Mid-city? MID CITY?

Is there really anything to do if you live in Mid-City other than tell people how cool you are for living in the American Can Apartments?

My Mid-City experiences are really limited to grocery shopping at Rouses, walking at City Park, and a few treks to Mid-City Bulldog. Oh and going to Clever. Oh... and Pandora. Crap.

Either way, you know know what else Mid-City has going for it? Huevos. Now other New Orleans Food blogs with "larger readerships" and "a consistent posting schedule" have had the best things to say about Huevos. Oh and I just realized they posted a few days ago about Huevos... sorry fellas.

We have nice things to say too. We went the day after the water outage and had a pretty good breakfast with some bottled water on the side.

Kerry had the Huevos Rancheros. Its the charred tomato salsa that really makes it. She had her eggs over medium and I'm not sure what that means but they looked pretty gooey! Anything that comes with tortillas to wrap it in is normally pretty good.

I don't even like to do the work for wrapping things in tortillas myself so I have my meals pre-wrapped. I went with the blue jay special. Egg, cheese, chorizo, I think probably some salsa too - I don't remember. It was great. Filling but not too filling. And it came with a cup of coffe and it was all only $1.82. Or maybe it was $6. I don't really remember, but it was cheap, and good, and they gave me a card, and when I eat 10 of them I get the 11th free!
When I told Kerry that she said, "Who would ever order 10 specials, that's a ton of food."

That made me laugh!


Celeste said...

Speaking of Mid City, have you been to the Eco Cafe?

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "Now other" not "Not other New Orleans Food blogs..."

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