Monday, March 9, 2009

Abita Brewery and Brew Pub

My buddy Jordan was in town for a few days (you can blame him for the delayed posts) and the one thing he really wanted to do while he was down from Charlottesville, Virginia was drive across the world's longest bridge, which crosses Lake Pontchartrain between New Orleans and Mandeville.

We figured if we were going to do it we might as well take him to the Abita Brewery on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain. Abita is the brewery that makes beers like Purple Haze, Turbodog, and Amber. For a (very) little bit more info you can check out the Tulane MBA Blog post I did on our first trip back in January.

Well we went and it was fun and free and we drank as much beer as we could in the one hour free-for-all they give you. Here is a picture of Jordan and Kerry enjoying the tour. Looks like Kerry caught me taking it.

Afterward we decided to hit up the Brew Pub for some lunch before we braved the bridge again. Jordan didn't eat anything but he had an oatmeal stout beer that you can see in this picture of the fried chicken salad I got. I'm normally a pretty big fan of fried chicken salads but this one was not too good. It had the kind of honey mustard dressing I don't like. You know what I mean, the one that's less creamy and more neon yellow for some reason. Actually I guess Jordan did eat some of my salad after I discarded it.

Kerry had the crab claws. I had never seen a bowl of crab claws before. I didn't know it existed. Or I guess I knew crabs have claws but I didn't know it was a meal. I ate a few and they were good and Kerry liked them and she liked to dunk the bread in the sauce that it came in and I did it and I liked it too.


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