Monday, March 9, 2009

Tulane Energy Club Crawfish Boil

The Tulane Energy Club held a crawfish boil on Friday with all you can eat crawfish, all you can drink beer, and all you can enjoy company of other Tulane MBA's and friends for $20. Not a bad deal.

We went because Jordan had never eaten crawfish and what better way to spend a sunny warm Friday than on the banks of the Mississippi eating mud bugs?

All the standard steps were carried out. The crawfish started out alive and in a bucket. Later in the day we actually saw one escaping toward the River.

But most got boiled up with some potatoes, corn, sausage, onions, seasoning, and love.

...then poured out onto a comunity table for general consumption.

We sent Jordan to go get our crawfish for us because he said he was tall and could box people out. So he brought them back in this box and we ate them with our keg Bud Light. Everyone else was smiling but I made this face for some reason:

There was music from a band, Ether and the Movement, whose lead singer is a fellow Tulane MBA.  The singer's name is Nich Cope, and he's a first-year with us.  This was their first gig as a band, so they were excited to play for us.

Then a train pulled up and Jordan got underneath it.

And then on top of it.

** Photo credit to Megan Lane for the first six photos. She has no idea this blog exists and I didn't get any permission from her to use them so feel free to give me the credit if you would like.


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