Monday, March 9, 2009

Atchafalaya Dinner

Before I start this post let me address one thing. So, almost as a rule, some of the posts that we have that should be the most interesting (ie the ones at nicer restaurants) come up a little short by our high Eating in NOLA standards. The reason is that the pictures never quite come out how we would like. Some might blame iPhone camera quality and lack of a flash. I like to blame mood lighting. Either way if anyone would like to buy us a nice expensive camera I'm sure we can get our readership up from 8 readers to a readership like the guys over at Blackened Out and Appetites.

Well, Friday night after filling up on crawfish we decided to keep up the seafood theme at Cafe Atchafalaya on Louisiana in the Lower Garden District.

Kerry had been there with some of her sorority for the debut of the restaurant under new management back in November. She thought it was a good place to take Jordan for a meal where you didn't have to use your hands. She was right.

Both Kerry and Jordan started with the Caesar Salad. The romaine lettuce was so big you had to cut it with a knife, and it came with some parmesan and crostini on top.

I had a beer, cheese, and potato soup. I will eat a potato soup any chance I get. This one was particularly good. This picture makes it look like it was an alien space ship full of soup but it was just a bowl's worth.

For our main courses Kerry went with the Shrimp and Grits. It has a little more of a broth to it than some shimp and grits meals I've seen in the past. It was good though and I know because I had a bite of it. There was some sausage in there too I believe. By the way, we started eating before we remembered to take pictures... so, sorry about that, but we were ready to get started.

I had the Red Fish with Lump Crab over top and served with spinach and green onion rice (I think thats right but when I type it, it sounds kinda weird). It was more food than I expected and I didn't quite finish it, which is something I can rarely say. It was good though.

Jordan had two appetizers, the crab cake and the fried oysters. I assume they were good, though I don't really know because I didn't ask. I guess I'm a bad host. Oh actually, I know both of the sauces that they came with were good 'cause I dipped my bread into them. I guess I'm a host with bad table manners.

We headed to Monkey Hill afterward for some drinks. That's not really relevant but it is a great bar and a good next stop after a great meal.


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