Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Beans and Rice at Home

So when I said a few days ago that we were gonna make those red beans and rice at home from that recipe I wasn't kidding. It was a great recipe, with red peppers and onion cooked in with the beans and sausage. We added a fresh tomato too.

Like I said, we picked up a couple key ingredients at one of the Crescent City Farmers Markets last Tuesday down at Uptown Square. These ingredients included this andouille sausage:

I won't go into all the details but you know it was a lot of chopping and browning and cooking. It looked like this in the pan toward the end:

Oh and we had some corn bread too! I opened the oven to check on them while they were baking, which Kerry always yells at me for doing (but she wasn't there to stop me).  It was Kerry's box of cornbread, the standard Jiffy mix, and it took 15-20 min to bake. And we ate it with honey.

Oh and Jordan helped. I didn't mention that, but he did so thanks to him as well.


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